Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Gulf SERPENT giant oarfish and manefish article on BBC site.

Gulf SERPENT oarfish image
08 Feb 2010 - BBC News profiled two discoveries on their website today: the oarfish from Thunder Horse and the manefish from Ocean Confidence. Discovery Channel is also going to feature the oarfish. The BBC told me that this story was the third most viewed and linked story on their entire website. Thanks to everyone aboard the two sites and in particular, the Innovator 19 team on Thunder Horse and the Oceaneering Team aboard Ocean Confidence.Professor Mark Benfield of Gulf SERPENT at Louisiana State University.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Manchester Science Festival schools program

Last week, SERPENT had the opportunity to visit with schools in the Manchester region in a special pre- Manchester Science Festival schools program event called Speedy Science.

From Tuesday 20 to Wednesday 21 October, SERPENT wowed schoolkids with its blend of science and hands-on fun. Groups of year 8 children from 6 local schools had the opportunity to pilot a Deep Sea Robot using our exciting Marine Simulation ROVsim™ simulator over the two-day event, held at the Pure nightclub at the Printworks in the heart of Manchester city centre.

Rob Curry, SERPENT outeach co-ordinator and Hanna Shuster, SERPENT PhD student had a great time meeting and talking with the enthusiastic children and taking them through their paces on the simulator.

Best quote of the event? "I wanna be a Marine Scientist when I finish school!"

Monday, 7 September 2009

Day three at the British Science festival

Well, after a busy and successful weekend in beautiful downtown Guildford meeting the good visitors to the BSF, we have now moved lock, stock and two smoking barrels to the marquee in front of the Austin Pierce Building at the University of Surrey, also in Guildford.

SERPENT has welcomed 400 schoolchildren today who were all over the SERPENT simulator. They can't keep away and keep coming back for seconds! This event rocks! The opportunities for hands-on science are too good to miss, so if you're reading this make sure you come over to join in with the fun!



Thursday, 3 September 2009

SERPENT will be at the British Science Festival in Guildford

5 - 10 September 2009 - SERPENT at the British Science festival

The SERPENT project will be exhibiting at the exciting British Science Festival in Guildford from Saturday 5 September. Organised by the British Science Association it's one of Europe's largest science festivals bringing you the latest in science, technology and engineering. The event runs from Saturday 5 - Thursday 10 September 2009 and will showcase more than 350 of the most exciting and innovative science in the UK, and SERPENT will be there for the whole week.

Where will we be?

At the weekend, we will be in Guildford town centre at the Trinity Centre. View location in Google maps. Click on the pointer to find out how to get there from your location (use your postcode).

From Monday 7 September, we will be in a marquee in front of the Austin Pearce Building (building 2 in this map),at the University of Surrey in Guildford. Information about visiting the University.

What will we be showing?

  • A Deep Sea Robot simulator where visitors can capture and collect specimens from the sea floor.

  • A Magic Globe displaying Oceanographic data in animated format.

  • Findings from our recent research into how deep sea creatures are contributing to removing CO2 from the atmosphere in the form of Carbon and depositing it into the seafloor.

  • An amazing picture mosaic of a Piglet Squid showing 1000 of the images gathered by the SERPENT project.

Programme of events

We look forward to seeing you!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

SERPENT Royal Society day 3!

What a week! The SERPENT project has been very popular with a constant stream of visitors hugely enjoying our amazing Marine Simulation ROVsim™ Deep Seas Simulator. I suspect the comfy racing chair on the simulator helps - most visitors are really grateful to take the weight off after wandering around the upstairs exhibits and they really enjoy the cool of our downstairs exhibition area.

See the BBC News video (Dan enjoying the simulator - 4 secs into video)

Thanks to all our visitors who have asked some very interesting and thought-provoking questions about the project. The children have enjoyed having a go at Sea Urchin Basketball! Don't know what that is? Come visit us to find out! The show goes on until Saturday for the first time this year, so we expect to see plenty of families enjoying an exciting and educational day out at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. See you there! Rob.

Monday, 29 June 2009

SERPENT ready to go at Royal Society!

After a sweltering day setting up, SERPENT is finally ready to welcome visitors to the 2009 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition!

We're lucky that where we are in the Mercer Room on the lower floors of the amazing and opulant Royal Society building, the temperature is cool and comfortable. So if you've had enough of the heat, come down the stairs and meet us, and have a bit of fun trying your hand at catching creatures with our Virtual Deep Sea Robot Simulator courtesy of Marine Simulation LLC!

Find out how to get there with Google Maps.

See you soon!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

SERPENT at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

Now's your chance to have a go at piloting the exciting SERPENT Deep Seas ROV Simulator!

Come visit the SERPENT team and try your hand at collecting creatures using the simulator at this year's Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition from Monday 30 June to Saturday 4 July.

Free SERPENT Annual Reports showing amazing images of all our work during 2008!